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Time Norfolk is organising a vigil for all those who have lost a baby, whether through miscarriage, termination or stillbirth, or in the early months of life.
Norfolk charity St Martins is appealing for donations of homemade cloth face masks to give to homeless people in Norwich and Norfolk.
An archaeologist working alone through lockdown in the attic rooms of Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk has uncovered one of the largest underfloor archaeology hauls of its type in a National Trust house, including a 600-year-old illuminated manuscript of Psalm 39.
YMCA Norfolk is looking for a Nursery Manager for the new Muddy Puddles Nursery in Norwich.
Norfolk-based drug and alcohol misuse charity The Matthew Project is looking to appoint a Young People's Practitioner for West and North Norfolk.
Norfolk-based drug and alcohol misuse charity The Matthew Project is looking to appoint a new Chair of Trustees.
On a sunny autumn afternoon Bishop Alan Hopes inducted Mgr Philip Moger as the new Rector of the National Shrine at Walsingham.
Sets of Christmas cards telling the true meaning of Christmas are available for churches and individuals to purchase.
A Norwich volunteer will be running a marathon from and to her own doorstep to celebrate 40 years of the London Marathon and to raise money for English +.
The team at Quiet Waters in Bungay are organising a Zoom retreat entitled ‘One at a Time’ around the theme of hand-stitching.
If you can’t yet get to see Norwich City play, why not check out a game in the Norfolk Christian League? Perhaps the standout game in the first Saturday of the new season was a thrilling 4-3 victory for Gateway Vineyard over Sprowston Radicals.
Rev Ron Skivington encourages us to remember God’s promises as we progress through this very unusual year.
Last Sunday, Soul Church welcomed its congregation 'home' after six months away from the building. In that time, the church has distributed 1 million meals to needy people, plus there is a new vision to expand next year.
Norwich Cathedral’s golden weathercock shines brightly once more from on high after being regilded and reinstalled on the top of the spire.
John Wright, a founder member and great father-figure in Norwich FGB, has written a number of inspiring books. Here is an amusing and very inspiring account of an encounter he had in the lane near his home, just outside Norwich.
Angela Rayner, curate at King’s Lynn Minster, cycled to dozens of churches in one day to raise funds for Norfolk Churches Trust and the Minster.
Celebrate Norfolk is co-ordinating a bid to bring well-known professional Christian theatre company Saltmine to perform a Passion Play on the streets of Norwich at Easter 2021.
Exactly 400 years ago, a group of brave pilgrims sailed from England on a hazardous journey to North America on the Mayflower in search of a new life. The group included a dozen with Norfolk roots.
In 1925, an American school teacher was put on trial for teaching evolution. The 'Scopes Monkey Trial' was global news and an important moment in the ever-changing relationship between science and religion. Join an online lecture on September 17.